Top 4 Recent Space Discoveries Made

NASA teams are constantly looking to find new planets or other materials in space. They are exploring planets like Mars and Pluto to see if life can exist in those places. Here are some of the recent space discoveries made by these scientists.

1. A new dwarf planet

Before 2005, we all knew that there were nine planets in the solar system and Pluto was the ninth planet. But a ‘dwarf planet’ was discovered in 2005 and was named Eris. It is 27% bigger than Pluto. Later, both Pluto and Eris were said to be ‘dward planets’ and so the official number of planets now in our solar system is eight.

2. Discovery of Exoplanets

Exoplanets were discovered. These are planets that don’t orbit our Sun; it orbits in a different solar system. In early 2015, exoplanet Kepler-452b was discovered. It is called ‘earth’s cousin’ as they are very similar to earth.

3. Proving that black holes are present

People are studying about black holes for centuries now. But it was hard for scientists to prove that they existed. Hubble telescope has helped in proving the existence of black holes. It took pictures of the deepest parts of space. Using the Hubble, the black holes cannot be seen, but it is possible to see where the black hole has pulled in things from around it.

4. Mars exploration

The Viking mission of NASA in 1976 was the first successful mission to Mars. It took very nice colored pictures and brought soil samples. It was suggested that life might be possible on Mars. Recently, the scientists found liquid water on the planet’s surface.

These are very important space discoveries made recently. The new findings will help to take research on space to a new level, and fascinating discoveries can be made.