5 Most Cannibalistic Animals on Earth

There are many species on earth that eat their kind. Though it may seem gross, but it is only natural. Here are the most cannibalistic animals on earth that you may not be aware of.

Praying Mantis

The female of a species of praying mantis called the Mantis religious eats her male counterpart after mating. This is called sexual cannibalism. This act is present in some other insects as well.


The fishes in the tank sometimes eat each other. Some fishes are predators; whereas, some fishes are prey. When you buy fish for your fish tank, it’s hard to know which one is a predator. So, don’t panic if you see your fishes in the tank slowly vanishing. It’s only natural!


The first act of cannibalism in orangutan was reported in 2009. It was witnessed that a female orangutan was eating the body of her dead infant. Chimpanzees also eat monkeys.

King Cobras

The King Cobra feeds on other snakes only. So, it is a wholly cannibal animal. Its venom is very strong, so it helps it to digest the hard skins of other snakes.

Polar Bears

Polar bears are not born cannibals. The changing weather condition as turned them into cannibal animals. There is now less ice in their habitat and so cannot get hold of their normal preys. So, they eat the weak cubs for food.

It ‘s a wonder how an animal can eat another one from their species. But nature has made them such way. Some animals have turned into cannibals due to climate change. This is also a warning how climate change is affecting our planet.